The Rohingya Minority Crisis Group (RMCG) came to be formed on 3rd August 2012 in London, on the back of growing persecution and massacre of the Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma) and the suffering of many thousands stateless and without rights in neighbouring Bangladesh. RMCG comprises a broad coalition of community groups, charities, mosques, human rights group and campaigners, to provide coordination and support groups and campaigns working to better the plight of the Rohingya.


Why Rohingya?

Until very recently the Rohingya issue has been very muted, with little media coverage. Sadly the Rohingya issue remains an ‘unpopular’ human tragedy in the face of glaring injustice, suffering and oppression meted out against the Rohingya. Many continue to be killed, women and young children rapped in broad daylight and thousands expelled from their country of birth.


Violence against the Rohingya population will not come to an end unless the international community intervenes to find a lasting solution. This issue affects us all at a human level irrespective of our colour, creed, race or religion. It is upon all of us to play a role in raising awareness of the plight of the Rohingya people in respective communities.

The Rohingya Minority Crisis Group is autonomous, but many organisations have come together to work under its umbrella. The group consists of community groups, charities, mosques, human rights groups and campaigners.

RMCG will continue to campaign, lobby and support the Rohingya people until they get their freedom and be recognised as a people who have rights and status.